D’Militant Partners With Laff Records And Produces New Comedy Album!

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DarrylWe just discovered the news that comedian D’Militant (Darryl Littleton) has produced a comedy compilation album with Laff Records for a new groundbreaking move in comedy that will bring back recording urban comics into this new century!

The first extensive and comprehensive collection titled Black & Blue- The Laff Records Collection, was created to celebrate the outrageous comedy and important black cultural significance of the Laff Records catalog – which has been known to be subversive, raunchy, groundbreaking and influential – and include over 140 tracks of wild and unbridled material!

 This set is “…a chronicle of the foundation on which everything (in comedy) done today and tomorrow can be traced,” as compilation producer an liner notes author Littleton boldly states – much like this collection and Laff Records itself, the comedian is fearless, real and no holds barred in his assessment of this collection and its contents.

Actor, writer and historian Littleton (Pimp Down, The Blackberry Inn, All Jokes Aside, Forefathers, Comediennes: Laugh Be a Lady, Am I Lying?!) is the ideal compilation producer and author for this set’s liner notes. His non-stop work ethic and never-ending inspiration for creating material and spotlighting keen cultural observations are to be enthusiastically applauded.

Littleton, who is no stranger to comedy at all, was the winner of the prestigious Bay Area Black Comedy Competition in 2006 and was added to NPR’s list of commentators that same year immediately following the release of his first book Black Comedians on Black Comedy. That literary evolution of black comedy was later produced as a full-length documentary entitled Why We Laugh with iconic director Robert Townsend, premiering at The Sundance Film Festival in 2009 and airing on the Showtime Network in 2010.

Opening with an indelible first impression, award-winning director Townsend contributes his own exclusive forward to this collection!

Quintessential and daring cover images of the original explosive color album artwork is included in this Black & Blue package – these covers remain bawdy and outspoken, much like the content of their accompanying audio performances from these hilarious comedy masters.


Redd Foxx – I Ain’t Lied Yet  

LaWanda Page – Pipe Laying Dan  

Slappy White – Elect Slappy White Vice-President  

Marsha Warfield – I’m a Virgin

Mantan Moreland – A Tribute to the Man’Tan’  

Skillet, Leroy & LaWanda – Back Door Daddy  

Reynaldo Rey – The Rising of Reynaldo Rey  

Wildman Steve – Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin’

Dap Sugar Willie – The Ghost of Davy Crockett  

Jimmy Lynch – Nigger, Please

Jimmy Thompson – Jo-Jo Gun 

Leroy Daniels – Sex Mouth

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