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DL Hughley Wants Terry Crews As A First Guest On The DL Hughely Show

Posted Mar 7, 2019

Hughley came to TCA on a couple of weeks ago to talk about The D.L. Hughley Show, launching this month.

Asked who he would like to be his first guest, he did not hesitate: “First person I’d like to talk to: Terry Crews.”

Courtesy of NBC

Hughley has made headlines for his remarks about Crews’ #MeToo experience. A couple weeks ago, Crews hit back at the comedian during an exchange on Twitter about sexual assault, specifically how men “with all those muscles” should react if touched inappropriately.

Crews is one of the few men to share a personal #MeToo story, saying he was assaulted by now former WME agent Adam Venit during an industry party in 2016. Crews sued Venit and WME. As Deadline previously reported, the case was settled and Venit retired in September.


Hughley responded to Crews’ remarks at the TCA:

“He’s very big guy and I grew up a small guy. If you let someone do things to you, they keep doing it,” he said.

“I felt it was disingenuous of all those people from the #MeToo movement. Would they do that if he was beaten by police?”

Hughley said it bothers him that the movement got upset when Crews was “groped” but he did not see the same public outrage “when I see a young…girl get slammed down by police.”

He thought a conversation with Crews would be an interesting one to kick off his new series, which will be an extension of his radio show and air nightly in late-night.

Hughley also blasted Floyd Mayweather for going on a Gucci shopping spree the previous day.

Mayweather went shopping at Gucci in Beverly Hills, with TMZ in tow, saying he does not “give a damn” about the boycott called against the retailer for a black sweater with a high neck featuring a mouth opening lined with thick red lips, resembling blackface.

“Every person has the right to express themselves the best way they can,” Hughley told TV critics at TCA.

But, he cautioned, “If you’re a black man and you think, because you are wealthy, you are an island unto yourself, you are a fool.”

“If you are born of color on this planet you ow a debt,” Hughley said, adding, “Floyd is a guy who believes that his money and prestige will insulate him.”

Source: Deadline

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