DL Hughley To Host New Game Show On TBS Titled 'Trust Me, I’m A Game Show Host'!

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DL HughleyWell, it looks like comedian and recent cast member of Dancing WIth The Stars contestant DL Hughley has joined his other former Kings Of Comedy cast mates and also landed a game show hosting gig.

Like Cedric The Entertainer, who is the new Host Of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Steve Harvey who is the Host of Family Feud, Hughley has been hired to host a new game show titled Trust Me, I’m A Game Show Host.

In this show, Hughley will join another comedian Michael Ian Black, on stage, and unlike DWTS, Hughley will be part of a hosting tandem as the show’s two hosts battle to deceive contestants.

Hughley and Black will each present contestants with seemingly implausible facts – one of them is telling the truth and the other is not. The contestant’s job is to pick which of the two is telling the truth. Winners take home cash prizes.

Trust Me, I’m A Game Show Host is scheduled to debut on TBS in late 2013.

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