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DL Hughley Lands On A New Sitcom For TNT!

Posted Nov 9, 2010

We just got word from a source in DL Hughley’s camp that it looks like the actor/comedian is about to head back to television!

Word has it that Hughley just landed the new gig along side his Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip co star Steven Weber for a brand new show on TNT titled The Rabbit Factory. We hear that the show is about “a recently widowed police Detective Mike Lomax (Weber) and his newly married partner, Terry Biggs (Hughley), who delve into a world of mystery, intrigue and occasional hijinks. Lomax, who continues to receive humorous and heartfelt weekly letters from his wife a year after her death, tries to navigate the singles world while also maintaining his pedigree as one of L.A.’s finest.”

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