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Deon Cole To Star In 'Black-Ish', And Perform For Hartbeat Weekend In London!

Posted Oct 6, 2014

Deon COleOne of the few comedians making a lot of noise in Hollywood and in the comedy industry has to be comedian and writer Deon Cole. The comic/writer, who currently is employed with his late night gig on Conan on TBS has been quickly earning some other spots on other shows on other networks.

For example, by way of our sources, we discovered that Cole recently went in for what was supposed to be a one day/one shoot event and ended up shooting several episodes on the new ABC show, Black-Ish, that stars Anthony Anderson and Lawrence Fishburn. We hear that Cole “killed it” during his short time and ended up extending his time on the show with his new character. The character, named Charlie, is a co-worker of Anderson’s character, and who happens to be one of his friends. But this friend in one of those friends who can hurt your feelings because he has a unique way of telling the truth as ‘he keeps it real’. With that being said and knowing Cole’s writing skills from his appearances on Conan, you can only imagine what he says…

Deon on blackish

But if you think that’s it for Cole, its not. Cole is co starring in the new show from Steve and Nancy Carell on TBS titled titled Tribeca. The Carells wrote and produced the new comedy that also stars Quincy Jones, Rashida Jones, Christine Bently, Rey Borge, and Jere Burns. Cole will play officer Danny Turner on the show.

We also discovered that he also has a guest starring role on the USA Network on the new show titled Benched, that stars Eliza Coupe and Peter Spruyt, which we hear is another courtroom comedy.

Cole isnt leaving his stand up alone either because we discovered that he will be in London performing on Hartbeat Weekend in London Oct 12th (this weekend) with Kevin Hart and his Plastic Cup Boyz. Word is Rodney Perry is also performing on stage.

The writer/comedian is hard at work and even making some noise behind the scenes in other areas as we hear that consultant and writer with Producer’s credit for The 2014 Soul Train Awards happening in Las Vegas Nov. 7-9th.

With all of this happening in Cole’s life, we have no idea how he finds time to still write for Conan and still be one of the featured comedians on The Shaq All Star Star Comedy Jam, but he’s doing it.

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