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DC Young Fly And Emmanuel Hudson Star In Terri J. Vaughn’s Digital Directorial Debut ‘#DigitalLivesMatter’!

Posted May 27, 2016


Actress Terri J. Vaughn, along with her business partners Cas Sigers-Beedle (screenwriter) and Rikki Hughes (producer), have teamed up with tech entrepreneur Laron Walker of Scriberus Inc. to independently distribute “#DigitalLivesMatter” – Vaughn’s directorial debut which stars social media giants DC Young Fly (3.2 million followers) and Emmanuel Hudson (1.5 million followers).

Terri J. Vaughn

Terri J. Vaughn

Synopsis reads: DC Young Fly is on top of the world with over 3 million Instagram followers, and his fame is growing with every post. However, when this social media influencer crosses the wrong computer geek, all hell breaks loose and DC wakes up to find all his followers are gone! This catastrophe couldn’t happen on a worse day! DC has a career-changing audition, and he actually needs at least a million followers to even get in the door. DC has one day to find his followers, get them back, and make it to his audition. Immediately, DC enlists the help of his best friend Theo (Emmanuel Hudson), and the neighborhood tech genius to help him get his followers back. Throughout the day, DC receives DMs from a mysterious Simon who sends him on a variety of comical tasks to do favors for his followers. With every hilarious occurrence, DC realizes his social media influence and that those who follow him are real people. By the end of the day, DC learns that Digital Lives Matter!

The film is a production of Nina Holiday Entertainment (NHE) which is run by Terri J. Vaughn, Cas Sigers Beedles and Rikki Hughes, who have produced 9 television projects with each reaching over 2 million viewers. “Girlfriends’ Getaway” was a major success for NHE and TV One, which led to the successful sequel. Their film, “Sugar Mommas” received a 44th NAACP Image Award nominations in the “Television Movie, Mini-Series or Dramatic Special” category.

“#DigitalLivesMatter” will premiere on July 1, 2016 via the website,, as Vaughn and Laron Walker of Sciberus Inc. build a web platform dedicated to film distribution. Walker is a web technology and software development wiz. He is spearheading the development of the website and its streaming capabilities. He is also a major financier of the project, making it an all-Black, independent film.

Watch a “sizzle” promo of “#DigitalLivesMatter” below.

Source: Shadow & Act

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