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On This Day In Comedy… ‘Let’s Do It Again’ Was Released By Warner Bros.!

Posted Nov 30, 2016


On this day in comedy on October 11, 1975 Let’s Do It Again was released by Warner Bros.

This film is the second entry in the Poitier/Cosby trilogy of comedies.  The first was Uptown Saturday Night.  The Third – A Piece of the Action.  Like the others this one was directed by Sidney Poitier and co-stars himself and Bill Cosby.  Jimmie Walker, Calvin Lockhart, Ossie Davis, Denise Nicholas and John Amos appear, along with a cameo by George Foreman.   In all the films the names of Poitier and Cosby change as do their professions.

In Let’s Do It Again, the duo play blue-collar workers who scam to make money for their financially strapped lodge.  Poitier knows how to hypnotize and Cosby has a plan.  They’ll make a longshot boxer (Walker) think he’s a fierce fighter, bet heavily on him winning and clean up.  The scheme works like a charm until the gangsters who lost money on the plot figure it out and pay Poitier and Cosby a little visit.  They want to get even.   Either the two-use hypnotism again to rig the upcoming title bout or the two will be out for the count.  It’s an offer they can’t refuse, only they can’t get back into Walker’s training facility – security is beefed up for the new champ.  So, they hypnotize the other boxer and the result is a match that’s a draw.  Of course, the two buddies bet on this and the gangsters are once again on their trail.

Let’s Do It Again is considered the best of the trilogy in all aspects.  The music is good; with a memorable soundtrack by the Staple Singers.  The critics loved it and the audiences were happy.   The film grossed $11.8 million dollars on a $70,000.00 budget.

By Darryl “D’Militant” Littleton

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