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On This Day In Comedy… In 2004 ‘Soul Plane’ Was Released By MGM!

Posted Jun 22, 2016


On this day in comedy on May 28, 2004 Soul Plane was released by Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer.

Labeled as a comedy, Soul Plane became known as a disaster film and the first major casualty of the “DVD Bootleg Era”.     The flick was out on the streets before the premiere.   At the box office it lost money big time, but out-of-the-trunk-of-cars it was a resounding hit.   Everybody saw it – liked it or not.   Based on a popular comedic premise of the time about “what if there was a black airline?”, Soul Plane misses none of the stereotypes prevalent during that period.   

In Kevin Hart’s first starring movie role, he plays the guy who owns the black airline.  After digesting some bad stroganoff and getting the bubblies on a standard airline, Hart is stuck in a malfunction toilet while his dog is sucked through the jet engine.  So he sues and uses his newfound fortune to buy, what else? – his own airline.   Dice hanging from the rearview mirror in the cockpit, malt liquor being served, a disco, a casino, a strip club, a hot tub, spinners and hydraulics are welcome additions for the predominantly black patrons.   The white fliers are a family of one and before the flight ends the wife (Missi Pyle) is turned on by brothers, the daughter is intent on screwing a brother, the little boy (Ryan Pinkston) goes wigger and dad (Tom Arnold) hooks up with security guard, Mo’Nique.  

Hart’s airline (departing out of Malcolm X Terminal) is fine until they take off.   The pilot (Snoop Dogg) is scared of heights and has to fly low.   Doesn’t matter for long because he “dies” after taking some mushrooms that didn’t agree with him.  Now it’s up to Hart to land his own plane and with the help of a flight attendant (Sophia Vergara) he pulls it off.  Yay!

Soul Plane was directed by Jessy Terrero and written by Bo Zenga and Chuck Wilson.   It co-starred D. L. Hughley, Method Man, Loni Love, K D Aubert, Sommore, Queen Latifah, John Witherspoon, Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins, Richard T. Jones, Brian Hooks, Bernie Mac, Arielle Kebbel, Gary Anthony Williams and Godfrey.   On a budget of $16 million, Soul Plane took in $14,190,750 in the US and $631,596 overseas for a worldwide box office take of $14,822,346

By Darryl “D’Militant” Littleton

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