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On This Day In Comedy… In 2003 ‘Wanda At Large’ Premiered On FOX!

Posted Apr 7, 2016


On this day in comedy on March 26, 2003 Wanda at Large premiered on Fox.

Created by and starring comedienne, Wanda Sykes, this sitcom ran for two seasons.   It was initially a 6 episode interim show for Fox.   The premise was Sykes is a standup comedian doing correspondence work for a political talk show.   She’s not particularly their cup of tea and her bosses (Ann Magnuson and Phil Morris) barely tolerate her and her antics.  While trying to ignore them, Sykes juggles her domestic life with her sister-in-law (Tammy Lauren) and her two kids (Robert Bailey, Jr. and Jurnee Smollett).

The show was set in Washington, DC and premiered after Fox’s mega-hit, American Idol.     Following a second season renewal and a decline in ratings, Wanda at large was moved to the Friday night death spot of 8:30pm and aired its last episode on November 7, 2003.

Wanda at Large was nominated for the BET Comedy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series and a Teen Choice Award for Choice Breakout Show.   Wanda Sykes received nominations for Best Actress by the BET Awards, Teen Choice and Satellite Awards.    

By Darryl “D’Militant” Littleton

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