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On This Day In Comedy… In 1972 Comedic Actress Persia White Of ‘Girlfriends’ Fame Was Born!

Posted Oct 26, 2017

On this day in comedy on October 25, 1972, comedic actress Persia White was born, 1972

Raised in the Bahamas, White got her first show business exposure at the Miami Coconut Grove Children’s Theater when her mother relocated the family to South Florida.  White studied dance, singing, painting and acting.    She honed her crafts, got her SAG card right out of high school and moved to Hollywood to make her fortune.

Persia White appeared in low budget films and did guest starring spots on sitcoms (The Steve Harvey Show, Sister, Sister, The Parent ‘Hood, Malcolm & Eddie, Clueless), until she landed the television role that defined her to viewers: Lynn Searcy on the UPN sitcom, Girlfriends.  On the show her character is the bohemian of the group.  She’s more sexually liberated and was known to have orgies, one-night stands and short-term boyfriends.

Girlfriends (which also co-starred Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden Brooks and Jill Marie Jones) aired from 2000-2008.   When it left the air White continued guest-starring and played in her rock band, XEO3.   In 2009 she released a solo album, “Mecca”.

The multi-talented White co-produced the award-winning documentary, Earthlings and won the American Black Film Festival’s Best Performance by an Actor (Dysfunctional Friends).

By Darryl “D’Militant” Littleton

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