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Dave Chappelle Sells Out 7 Shows In London, & Gets 7 Standing Ovations!

Posted Jul 14, 2015

It looks like comedian Dave Chappelle is doing it BIG in London as we hear that he has sold out 7 shows (3600 seats) at every venue, and while do that he has gotten seven standing ovations at each show!

We hear that while he is there, he is also having several friends come see his show; we hear that Russell Brand, Naomi Campbell, Venus Williams, Mos Def, and many more have all stopped by to see the show.

To make things more interesting, word is that Donnell Rawlings was even there- but no Charlie Murphy– so that would end any speculation on a Chappelle Show reunion… Anyway, Chappelle is still on the tour and we hear his next stop will be in Amsterdam to several more sold out shows.

Stay tuned as this story is still developing!

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