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Dave Chappelle & Charlie Murphy Join Tower Heist!

Posted Oct 19, 2010

We have just learned from our sources that Dave Chappelle and Charlie Murphy are about to join Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy in the new comedy film titled Tower Heist!

We also discovered that actress Gabourey Sidibe of the hit film Prescious has also been cast along with Alan Alda in the Brett Ratner-directed film, which is for Universal Pictures.

If you recall we told you about this film several times. As we stated, this film is a comedic spin from the hit film Ocean’s Eleven and is about a group of vengeful maintenance workers, led by their manager (played by Stiller) for a luxury high-rise apartment building, who use their knowledge of the building to rip off a Bernie Madoff-like Wall Streeter, under house-arrest in a lavish suite in the same building, guilty of depleting their pension funds.

Production is scheduled to begin in New York next month.

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