Dave Chappelle Awards Kevin Hart Comedy Person Of The Year Award!

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Dave Chappelle has been one of the best comedic geniuses in the world and when he gives an award for comedy it’s a great accomplishment.

Kevin Hart has been taking the world by storm. If it’s not because of a new comedy standup, it’s because of a new movie such as Get Hard with Will Ferrell. The film recently came out and was a hit. Hart has also appeared in the Wedding Ringer, Think Like a Man, Think Like A Man Too, Grudge Match and About Last Night. He has also been apart of BET’s satirical comedy show The Real Husbands of Hollywood, which has also been a big hit.

He has taken Hollywood by storm and he has become one of the leading comedians in the business. Now it seems that Hart is being awarded for all of his hard work as he has received an award for Comedy Person of the Year. All of his work this past year has helped him get this award.

“Major shoutout to my good friend Dave Chapelle for presenting me with the “Comedy Person Of The Year” Award,”Hart wrote on Instagram. “I love this guy. He’s a good friend and a mentor.”

Hart is currently on tour and it’s shaping up to be one of the biggest comedy tours ever.

When it comes to Hart’s comedic ability, it’s hard not to sit back and enjoy it and even others agree with it.

Earlier this year, Hart won the Comedic Genius Award presented at the MTV awards. Hart’s co-star, Will Ferrell, received that award during it’s inaugural awarding.

Source: Laughoutloud.com

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