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D.L. Hughley Tells It Like It Is To Kanye West

Posted Mar 18, 2022

DL Hughley is on a rampage against Kanye West and he addressed some of the comments on his radio show thrown at him by Ye.

DL let things start to fly when he heard that Kanye criticized the way he dresses when he’s “one drawstring away from looking like the Michelin Man.” DL also remarked on Kanye suggesting he isn’t loved by God or his family to which Hughley provided a poignant response that cut right at the heart of Kanye’s own familial issues. 

But our biggest takeaway from what Hughley stated is he is calling Kanye’s behavior “dangerous” and how he’s teaching young men and women that it’s okay to conduct themselves in that manner. To Kanye’s declaration that despite his remarks aimed at DL the two will be friends someday, DL said that is highly unlikely and we definietly believe him.

CLICK on the link below and it will take you directly to YouTube as its blocked from viewing on any other site.

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