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Conversation Of 'Who Is The Best Comedian Of 2013?'

Posted Dec 17, 2013

Last week publisher Frank Holder, also the Editor and founder of The Humor Mill sat down with other colleagues in comedy, Charles Patrick Gooch (who is manager of the Los Angeles based comedy club The Comedy Union) and Nichelle Murdock (who is the founder of Flystar Entertainment and one of the only African American women comedy promoters),  who is also based in Los Angeles to discuss some comedy. Added to the panel was comedian Tony Baker (who has been featured on many television shows doing stand up, including the upcoming show for The Aspire Network, The Laff Mobb’s Who’s Got Next?) to lend his voice from a comic’s perspective.

This conversation was taped for and Black Hollywood Live as the comedy website Dalaughingbarrel compiled the list of the top 10 comedians for 2013 and asked this panel to discuss with the BHL host Nick Perdue.

This list was to feature any comedian who prospered in film, television, stand up, and social media in 2013.

Check out the video below:

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