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Comedian 'Uptown' Ebony Browne Passes Away Suddenly!

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With a very heavy heart, we have to report the news that the comedy world has lost another aspiring talent, comedian ‘Uptown’ Ebony Browne.

According to our sources and several emails we received this morning, Browne checked in to a hospital yesterday after collapsing and immediately went into a coma where the doctors were unable to revive her. According to several emails, it seems that her liver failure was the cause of the collapse and she was unable to recover.

As of this writing there is no news on the services as the family is still grieving from this unexpected news.

Please pray for Uptown Ebony Browne and her family.


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  1. Michael Gabriel

    I met this very funny and extremely attractive young woman when we were guests on Brash Babble with
    Vicki Wagner. I am saddened at the news that she is gone. She was incredible nice person and I could not have picked a better person to be on the show with. She made me look good and I hate it that I can never talk to her again. RIP Ms. Browne

  2. Michelle Evans

    She was just amazing. We are all just devastated. I met Eebony 3 years ago at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, she was just so warm, and friendly, and funny from the start. My heart is truly broken. She and i were to be on the same show at Flappers next week, she also was on my own comedy show there at least once a month. I can still here her voice clear as day… “Lord bless her little hearrrt!” lol. #UEB We love and miss you.

    • Michelle Evans

      I and some friends are putting on a Tribute Comedy Show for Uptown Eebony Browne. Tuesday March 10th, 9:00 p.m. at Flapper Comedy Club in Burbank. Hosted by our good friend Doris Kennedy, and with Headliner Susan Saiger. Please join us as we celebrate her life and honor her memory. The show is in the Yoohoo Room, tickets are $10 at the door. We look forward to seeing you all : ) #UptownEebonyBrowne

  3. Michelle Evans

    Uptown Eebony Browne’s Home Going Services will be held Friday, September 6th at 11 am. Greater True Light Baptist Church. 1276 W 29th Street Los Angeles, Ca 90007

  4. Michelle Evans

    Sorry, February 6th. This Friday, her Home Going services. My apologies.

  5. B EAZY

    I love you E! #RIP You were the greatest.

    • Dj LA Steve

      She one of the people that made Barber Shop Comedy a success. Her soul was amazing and Mr. Morgan and myself are missing her. She lit the room up and loved us all. She will be missed and never forgotten!

  6. Doris Kennedy

    I’m pretty sure I’ll never run across another person like Eebony. I’m extremely sad that my friend and fellow comedian is no longer here but no doubt her memory will live on thru all she met….cause honestly how can you forget her? Love you UEB!

  7. donna

    I remember her as a baby my blessing to her family.

  8. donna

    I knew Ebony as a baby. I am sorry to hear of her passing. God bless her mother and father.

  9. Tammy Prattis

    Just saw a segment on THE REAL and was saddled by the story. To her daughter be encouraged and smile. Your mom is with you ALWAYZ.

  10. Essence S

    I just saw her on my favorite show “The Real,” this is truly sad and my prayers goes out to your family, friends and fans. GOD BLESS

  11. olivia

    2/25/15””””sending condolenses to the family espically her daughter .i didn’t know her but still my heart goes out to her ”family” god bless &give her ”family ”strenght”….olivia elliott b-more.

    • Michael Gabriel

      I met her for the very first time in the green room when we were the two guest comedians on a TV show called Brash Babble with Vicki Wagner. This was about 6 months ago here in Southern California. She was the type of person that from the moment you meet her, she would talk to you as if you had been friends forever. So much energy, charm, personality and a real enjoyable sense of humor. She had a gift and could make you laugh out loud.

  12. O'Neshia

    My heart goes out to her family especially her daughter. Just saw her segment on “The Real” and in those 30 seconds I just knew I would see her on Comic view or opening up for some comedic headliner. We never know God’s plan and I know through my Faith that her gift of laughter is still being shared. My condolences and prayers are in abundance …

  13. Erryana Madry

    I just saw this on the real , and it made me cry. She seemed like a sweet and a wonderful person , focused on her dreams and that’s really good that she got to meet her admire Loni Love before she passed away. Praying for her family !

  14. Molly

    Life is so short. Live each day like it’s your. Each day is a “Miracle & a “Mystery” . So wonderful she was Doing what she loved.

    “Gods speed 2 her & blessings 2 her daughter.

  15. Theresa

    R.i.P. Eebony Browne Beautiful Queen!!! To her family and friends Keep Your Head Up…I never met her. I also saw her on THE REAL. Just from the short segment I know for sure if she came to Baltimore MD, I would have went to see her. She is funny. What a blessing to attempt to live your dream despite hardships, and have an impact on so many people. May she keep Tupac and Biggie laughin up in heaven.

  16. Theresa

    Oh and her daughter has an angel so she will be just fine.

  17. twinpoets

    I was so touched to see her story on the Real today, and I am truly grateful that I got to know about her life – thanks to Loni. I just felt the genuine sweet nature of her spirit – it was evident in just that little time we got to know a little bit about her. She is now performing on the comedic stages of Heaven. I pray that her family, and her daughter in particular, find some level of comfort in knowing that she brought joy and was truly loved by many during her time on earth. Rest in Peace Eebony!

  18. Isa

    What illness did she have for her to just completely loose her normal functions so quickly. Did she have liver cancer.? Sorry to see something like this. Praying for peace for her daughter.

  19. juanita

    I just discovered the passing of Ebony brown. I have never met or seen the woman but I saw the segment that she had on my favorite show the Real. . I am so saddened that this young woman had to leave so soon God bless her and her family

  20. Lisa B

    I too saw the REAL show. Such a sad story, but happy to know that Loni Love had the chance to help fore-fill a dream. Lord know she will suffer no longer with not having a place to live. My prayer is for her daughter that she be as strong as her mother. And if she needs help of any kind ask. Please seek any medical care that is what President Obama is trying to do for all. God Bless

  21. Arizona

    Saw the segment on The Real, blew me away. I was one of Eb’s first comedians when she was starting her own comedy show on La Brea. I had been out the loop for quite somectime and she gave me the shine I needed to get back. Thank you Ebony. RIP and may God bless all your family

  22. Latasha

    I was catching up on my favorite show & saw Eebonye Browne’s story on The Real this morning & it really touched me that she passed. I would like to send my condolences to first her daughter, family, and friends. I thankful to God that she was able to meet her idol Loni Love before entering the kingdom. I’m also saddened that you was on your way to live out your dreams but God had other plans for you. We are all gods children and we will also live this earth one day to be with our father. That’s why we should enjoy life to the fullest. Never give up on our dreams & keep pushing. I know she’s watching over her daughter and she will see her again.

  23. Olubunmi

    I just heard about Eebony on the segment of The Real. My heart goes out to her family. From the little I saw, she was such a funny and hardworking comedian!
    Thank you The Real for bringing Eebony’s memory to life.

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