Comedian Michael Colyar Thrown Off United Flight As A Terrorist!

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In what seems to be one of the most blatant disrespect to a passenger, United Airlines threw comedian Michael Colyar off of a  flight and almost had him arrested! We would tell you the entire story, but Colyar posted it in his own words the details of the event.

Check it out here;

I am a loyal United Airlines Customer correction, I was a loyal United Airlines customer. I have flown with united for over 17 years (a recorded fact).  My wife was a United Airlines flight attendant for 25years. According to United Airlines records I am something they call “Executive Premier”. I find now that if you’re black that’s just an inside joke. After the treatment they metered out of me yesterday they can kiss the darkest recesses of a part of my anatomy that I am to dignified to state.

Yesterday, Aug 29, 2011 at approximately 12:30pm Est., I was unceremoniously thrown off flight #UA382 in a hostile and racist manner, not only did it cost me time and potential income (as I was headed to the NAACP Theater Awards in Los Angeles) but it caused me great embarrassment and put a tarnish on my other wise unblemished reputation because not only were there other people of color watching me be treated as a felon but also fans of mine who were all lead to believe that I had done something worthy of a public and humiliating outing. The fact being I did nothing wrong. I broke no rules, United’s, FAA, or humanities. Because I had the gumption to exhibit a backbone, I was summarily punished and taught a “Lesson”

Here’s what happened: I was comfortably sitting in seat #12f on flight #382. I had gotten on early as a “perk” of being a “Premier Executive”.  I had put one bag under my seat and my computer bag and hat in the overhead compartment, a Stated Right that all passengers have. I was comfortable. My flight began in Columbus, Oh, where I had just completed five performances in three days and I was transferring planes at Dulles Int. A brother was tired and looking forward to a comfortable flight. I had set up my water and headphones, wrapped up in my blankie and all was well.

Toward the end of the boarding process a woman entered the plane, last minute with a suitcase that, by right should have been checked luggage. She arrived huffing and puffing slightly winded and was greeted by one of the flight attendants’ with a hug of recognition and together they sought to find a space for this large suitcase. This so called “flight attendant”, after checking many overhead spaces finding them all full (no surprise considering her lateness of arrival) reached the overhead bin for our row. She exclaimed “Oh, well put it here we’ll just move this hat and bag, whose is it?” I responded that it was mine. She said you’ll have to stow it under your seat. My other bag was already under the seat so I asked why do I have to remove my bag being that I’m allowed one space in the overhead.  She said this space is for larger bags I need to remove mine.

I was confused.  I was being told to eliminate my leg room so this flight attendants friend could get her last minute oversized bag in. I told her that it was my understanding we get one overhead space for our bag and I couldn’t understand why I had to fly 4 ½  hours without leg room so her friend could be comfortable. After all isn’t it first come first served, Am I “premier exec” or not.

They whispered something to themselves gave me a look, then preceded down the aisle with their search for space. After not finding any they put her bag up in first class. Now, this so called “flight attendant” stood at the front of the plane at the entrance, whispering something to the other flight attendants and constantly giving me ugly looks which was not difficult considering her actual looks.

I now became concerned for my comfort and safety on this flight. With her behavior I would be scared to eat or drink anything she would serve me. So I rang the call button to ask to speak to the head flight attendant. This same so called flight attendant returned and when I requested the head flight attendant she went back to the others and they had another pow-wow while giving me these nasty looks. Instead of bringing over the head flight attendant the brought over the lady who works the counter. When I said I wanted to speak to the head flight attendant, she said “you can speak to her or nobody.” So I said I need to lodge a complaint and they both walked away.

They proceeded to have one more pow-wow this time they brought in the Captain, once again they all looked at me, did their whisper and she said, loud enough for everyone to hear, “I want him off the plane”.

Five minutes later, security appears. A Ben Milan,  ground security coordinator in a demanding tone said, as he leaned over the two people next to me, “could you grab your bag and step off the plane and talk to me. “ I responded “will I miss my flight if I get off” He responded “I’m gonna ask you one more time to get your bags and step off the plane or I will call the DC police to assist you.

The two people next to me got up and moved fast, sensing danger. In an effort to not further escalate an already volatile situation, I grab my bags and exited. Mr. Milan stated that the captain wants you off the plane. I said “what have I done” He repeated, I need you off the plane then we can talk. Once we started to walk up the jet way they closed the door and took off.

Without this guy asking me my side, without him actually talking to the captain, the flight attendants or me I was forced to leave the plane.

The flight attendant and her friend got just what they wanted, the nigger off the plane. I’m sure they feel a great triumph in putting an uppity nigger in his place. After all, after 9-11 went down the need for courtesy and fairness flew out the window. Airlines used to be great places to go. Flying used to be fun, even elegant. But since 9-11 the airlines use the terrorist terror to humiliate and bully passengers at every turn. You can’t ask two questions or speak up for what is right because they know that with no justification at all they can throw you off the plane and even have you arrested. This security coordinator used that fear laden Gestapo tactic to deal with a situation that could’ve been handled reasonably with a simple conversation.

He maintains that this is their procedure and I maintain that if it is, it is terribly flawed and needs a drastic overhaul. At the least I should be suing united airlines for theft of services, public humiliation and defamation of character.

How is my situation any different then that of Rose Parks. I wouldn’t surrender my space so the white lady could be comfortable, so they throw me off the plane…no questions asked.

United Airlines have forgotten that they are a service I paid for and I paid the same amount or more than the white lady of privilege that they spent so much time accommodating and kissing her behind. I believe that if I was a white guy in a suit I would have at least been asked my side, by the head of attendant, the captain or the security, but being a person of color, what Actually happened didn’t matter. The so called “flight attendant” wouldn’t give her name but she’s easy to describe, white, about 5’9, straight black stringy hair and a harsh face.

If “Don’t ask questions, just throw the nigger off the plane” is the post 9-11 policy than black folks should seek out other airlines…

Michael Colyar



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  1. Carla Ja

    Very well written Mr. Colyar,

    I became infuriated just reading the order of events. One can only imagine how you must feel; embarrassed, humiliated, belittled, disregarded, etc..
    I would hope that this is not a situation you will let lye. Please pursue this matter so that all involved are aware the potential of an; as you say, “uppity nigger”.

    Handle your business Mr. Colyar,


    • The siSTARS


      Just wanted to let you know that comedian Michael Colyar will be joining us tonight LIVE on “Black Hollywood Weely” with The siSTARS on Afterbuzz TV. You can watch us online at http://www.thesiSTARS.com. Call-in and ask him questions at 424-246-1729 or send a tweet to @thesiSTARS. Hope you’ll join us tonight! 🙂

  2. Barbs

    That’s Horrible! I hate United anyway, had the worst experience ever!

  3. Faida Waring

    This is very disheartening to hear, as a person who has attended church with you and you even taught my sons some dance moves. I know you carry yourself in the classiest of manners. This will be resolved in your favor, because you don’t just talk the talk but stand in your truth when no one is watch.

  4. Marilyn

    I thought the rule was if you are last to board, you automatically have to check your bag.
    He stood up for himself, but if he was white, he would have been able to stay on the plane.
    Michael should sue United for racial discrimination.

  5. Brian McLean

    This is so wrong.I would definitely persue this injustice.

  6. Betty Jean Nobles

    Michael was treated horrible. I agree it sounds a lot like the way Mrs. ARosa Parks was treated. I hope he sues. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing that some folks understand. The airline has a responsibiolity to train their employees to treat all people in a respectful manner. The bigger problem is that, too many Black people just take it and whine later. Some of them are taking this accommodation thing too far! racism is alive and kicking some of our behinds. I see it on my job. Some of the newly decforated Blacks have taken on that same disrespectful manner. This disrespectful behavior is out of control at hotels and in the better department stores. They think we have no right to expect good service. And since President Obama won the presidency, some of this stuff has become much more blatant. Sue the heck out of them.

  7. R. Harris

    Hey Michael

    As Another Loyal Frequent Flyer, I feel you on this one man!

    It has gotten so crazy, that when it comes down to it, you don’t have a voice in that instant. The FAA should institute a Person or Office at all airports that speaks for and assist the passenger at that very moment. We pay too much of our hard earned dollars as it is for less service, to achieve these fake ass seniority levels, that merely amount to boarding a plane early. This practice needs to be reviewed, and someone should be held accountable for the diminished rights of Passengers in these crazy times we’re living in, trying to do The Right Thing!

    The line has become so thin, as to what a terroristic threat is, that just having clothes that a flight attendant deems unsuitable in first class, can get you removed from a flight. Only to then… be questioned and released to take another/later flight? All the while fearing that you’ve been added to some mystery No-Fly List!

    It Ain’t Fair!

    Keep Em’ Laughing Brotha

    Ps. Let’s see how fast you can get one of our So-Called Civil Rights Reps., to come to your aid on this issue. Wait… nah, they only seem to venture where there might be a quick, withdrawal for their favorite trust funds. Maybe Cornell West could help? Nah…

  8. Just Afriend

    You should make a big deal.
    A story for national news
    The Today Show NBC
    Good Morning America ABC
    Fox News

  9. Mike Wallace

    Hey Brother Mike I feel your pain in this struggle still in this wicked society I’m praying for u.

  10. jessica

    Just reading what happen I felt like I was slap in my face…. its sad to know that there STILL RACISM going on..
    Michael speak out loud …sue and make sure the news , radio stations and news paper… air your side…

  11. LM

    Mr. Colyar should “Make a Federal Case” out of this situation LITERALLY. I trust that he has seeked Legal Council for this fiasco. My lawyers would have my case started the same day and NAACP and ACLU would have been notified

  12. Remus

    Call 1 800 932 2732 for resolution. Be persistent to the point of satisfaction!

  13. Shawn Harris

    Daaam Mike!….omg…i would have been PISSED…can you say LAWSUIT?! Im sure you have witnesses….i cant believe this would happen to you..a known public figure….smh

  14. kandice jones

    I am so sure that happened. Anytime you stand up for yourself, you are treated like you are wrong. Good for you, and forget United. I will not use them again.

    Yes, they showed you Mr. Colyar, prejudice is alive and well. And it does not matter how much money you have they want you to know you are still “just a nigger” to them. Same message they gave Michael Jackson. They torn him down, he was innocent and they wanted him to be guilty. No wonder the man could not sleep at night.

  15. Andray Johnson

    When we feel we are treated with injustice, the only way the culprit learns their lesson is to have them lose a lot of financial means and YOU become the recipient of those funds. Public apology only makes them appear human, but they learn their lesson when it cost them. Let them lose millions of dollars for treating you like a puppy having his nose rubbed in poop and they will think twice before they do it again. Get a shark lawyer with sharp teeth and a hungry appetite!

  16. Rhonda Little

    I am a former flight attendant and as much as I would love to say that I am surprised, I am not. Unfortunately, there is still an issue with race/color/creed in the airline industry, especially since 9-11. (Which I was flying on that day….another story another time). I would definitely admonish you to go over their heads and of course if resolution is not met to your satisfaction, take the Malcolm X approach, and “by any means necessary”, do whatever it is you need to do gain resolution met to your standards and satisfaction.

  17. DaisyDooks

    “I now became concerned for my comfort and safety on this flight. With her behavior I would be scared to eat or drink anything she would serve me. So I rang the call button to ask to speak to the head flight attendant.”

    @BRTHR Colyar – Your experience with United Airlines was unfortunate. However, I wished you had exercised foresight given that the problem was resolved when the late-boarding white female passenger’s bag was placed in a storage compartment in First Class. It was a done deal. You stood your ground and didn’t allow the flight attendant to inconvenience you to accommodate a late-arriving passenger. You won. Yes, the flight attendant may have been a little salty, but who cares? She may have bad-mouthed you to her co-workers which resulted in those ‘dirty’ looks you perceived, but who cares? That’s THEIR problem, not yours. Your goal was to get to your destination. Why did your THINKING become subjective?

    0. Why were you concerned for your comfort AFTER the luggage issue had been resolved?

    1. Why were you fearful for your safety? All you did was bruise the flight attendant’s ego when you halted her attempts to commandeer your overhead compartment space for someone else. Did you think she was ACTUALLY going to take vengeance by tampering with your food and drink? Aren’t food and beverages dispensed in containers and packaging? Seriously.

    2. What was the necessity for contacting the head flight attendant AFTER the luggage issue had been resolved? This is the point where YOU gave YOUR power to the flight attendant. Now, she could twist the situation and finger you as a ‘troublesome, nuisance’ passenger. You gave her recourse and she used it.

    Had you ignored and dismissed the rest of the b.s. (which was irrelevant), you’d have completed your flight.

    Change your THINKING from subjective to objective, change the outcome. Think strategically. The power is ALL yours.

    P.S. You could have played it cool, kept silent and after you reached your destination, obtained the name of the flight attendant, grabbed and completed a customer satisfaction survey detailing your grievances or written a letter to United. Trust, there IS power in the pen. A written customer complaint in someone’s personnel file has repercussions. Plus, United would have taken damage control measures. You’re a celebrity.


  18. Lauri

    First, let me say I’ve never heard of this gentleman so maybe he needs to get over himself. Second, I’m white, a frequent flyer and, more importantly, a considerate individual so a) I wouldn’t put small things in the overhead, b) if someone else needed the space more I would cheerfully help them out and c) wouldn’t make a big stink about something I didn’t like until after I got off the plane. But then, I’m a civilized person and don’t make big stinks because that rarely gets good results. Pulling the race card just makes you look weak in my eyes. You were an ass, didn’t matter what color you are. Nobody likes ANYONE who thinks they are more important than everyone else.

    • Witchsistah

      You were the late White chick on the plane, weren’t you, Lauri?

      • rene


    • Adrian Lowery

      Let me first say Who the F are you Mrs.Lauri! I can tell one thing about you, your WHITE all right! Not that it matters, because my wife is, but not old white like you, she’s updated WHITE. And for the record his name is Michael Colyar, The True King OF COMEDY. It’s people like Rosa Parks and Michael Colyar and many others more Dead and Alive who decided, enough is enough. Why? So changes could be made for you, me and everybody in the world. What you call a big stink with your white tail, others look at it for what it really is “DAMN WRONG” and yes “PREJUDICE”. As for him being weak in your eyes, you must be blind TRICK. Who are you to call someone weak, and then follow it up by calling him the “VICTIM” an ass. We call your kind back home “CRACKERS” and all you wanted was a little attention with your comment, well Trick you got it. Big ups to THE REAL KING OF COMEDY MR. “MICHAEL COLYAR”, Final Answer…

    • rene

      @Lauri … BYTCH! PHUCK YEW! You probably never heard of Richard-freakin-Pryor either! But just cuz YOU live under a freakin’ rock, does NOT diminish these celebrities WORLDWIDE accomplishments! & That’s not the point anyway. He is a HUMAN BEING just like YO BYTCH AZZ! And was CHILLIN. Minding his OWN muthaphuckin business! Not bothering ANYBODY, not causing a so-called “stink”! And he has a right to his overhead space. If HE wants to be “considerate” with it or not is ENTIRELY up to HIM!! And by the way, did you NOT just play the race card ya DAMN self??? “I’m WHITE.” “I’m CIVILIZED.” Again I say, BYTCH PHUCK YEW!

      • rene

        Get ’em, Michael Colyar!! Get ’em!!!!!!!!

  19. Craig Cochran

    You can best bet that I will never fly them again, and I will talk to my friends at all of the other movie studios and they won’t be flying United Airlines either.

  20. Adrian Lowery

    Damnnnnnnnnnn, thats messed up. I will never again fly with United Airlines and im going to make sure I can get as many people I can world wide to agree not to fly with United Airlines either. It might not seem like alot now, but its a start. No one should be treated that way, EVER! You did the right thing Sir, and thank GOD for you getting home safe.

  21. ComedianStevieMack

    Rosa Parks is standing in her grave shaking an angry fist at United Airlines!

  22. September

    Michael, I can only imagine your upset at the rude and unprofessional treatment you received on United Airlines…especially after being such a loyal customer to them for so many years. You must have been livid for the Flight Attendant to even Suggest, let along Tell you to move your bag and hat for a “latecomer”. The mere thought of you placing one of your Fabulous hats on the floor makes me cringe…What I DO know, is that you are an Amazing gentleman, who was raised well. Two of the most important things you have always stressed to others, is that establishing positive Relationships and Communication is crucial. The irony here is hard to miss. I can see, by your letter and demeanor, that you are well equipped to handle this situation. It is very sad to see someone, with your standards for excellence, being treated in this fashion. United Airlines would do well to take a page from your book…and they most likely, will.

  23. andreas

    You got ‘thrown off’because you refused to follow the instructions of the flight crew. End of story!!!!
    The rest you caused yourself. Stop crying and whinning. Do not play that ‘race card’ just because you think you are famous and black. People are getting tired of it.
    There is as much or more dicrimination against white males than blacks.
    Next time move your luggage and put it under the seat and sit down and SHUT UP !!!!!

  24. James Inman

    I can’t stand it when I see a self important passenger cause problems and complain about something trivial during a flight. And it’s just rude not to move your things if someone is in need. You had a chance to be a hero and you chose to be a jerk. The poster DaisyDooks above pretty much nailed it with her comments. This was not a race issue. And you sir are no Martin Luther King. He was a real revolutionary. You were probably just worried about your precious hat.

  25. Rick Rome

    When things like this happen, it makes me wanna do something about it. Someone like that needs to get a nice hard slap across the face. And somebody yelling, WAKE UP !!! *smack* WAKE UP !!! That’s Michael Colyar. Then I would make her watch your stand up. And after she got done laughing, I’d tell her, “Now go tell the Klan you won’t be to another meeting for 2 weeks”

    The worst part about it, is she will never know what it feels like to be on the other side of that situation.

    I just wish they would let you be the one to fire her ass. If I could fire her, it would look like I’m calling someone out at home plate.

  26. Tai Thompson Sr

    Dear Mike, we are catching hell across the board in all areas—(Be U). You got Family in Baltimore,fly here, bring the Flight attendants with you.

  27. Barbara

    I am sorry that this happened to you. Again INJUSTICE prevails….. SICKENING…. I would actually either another airline or just not fly united anymore !!! again sickening…… God is not mocked… Thank goodness HE IS NOT a respecter of persons… He is a JUST GOD. Come Lord Jesus !!!!

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