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Comedian Justin Hires Lands A Starring Role On FOX With Kevin Smith & Shannen Doherty!

Posted Feb 6, 2013

Justin HiresWe just discovered some news; we hear that comedic actor Justin Hires (probably best known from the films Stomp The Yard, 21 Jump Street, and the TV shows Key & Peele and MTV’s Disaster Date) has just been cast in a new yet-to-be- titled television show for FOX!

The new show is starring Kevin Smith (probably best known as a director and writer/actor for such films as Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, and Dogma) and Shannen Doherty (of the hit TV shows Beverly Hills 90201 and Charmed). We hear that Hires has been cast as a charater named MEF, who is  Kevin Smith’s close friend and recent college graduate trying to make do and work at the local movie house.

It seems that FOX will be shooting the show in front of a live audience and is looking for studio audience members right now, and if you are interested you can click on this link to sign up and see the show taped live!

No word yet on an official start date for the show’s premiere, but stay tuned for the news shortly!

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