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Comedian Anthony "Scruncho" McKinely To Launch A One Man Show Set For Broadway?!

Posted Apr 7, 2011

We just discovered that comedian Anthony “Scruncho” McKinely, who is probably best known for his performances on Martin Lawrence’s 1st Amendment and for his performance on Mike Epps Presents is about to prep his own one man show on Broadway- and is is going to be produced by Mike Epps!

The one man show titled All I needed Is A Hug is said to be about how this comedian changed his life around from a gang banger to a life of comedy- with all of the drama in between. As a matter of fact word is Scruncho even wrote a book about his life and one man show that is set to be published and released real soon.

We also hear that Scruncho is in the final stages of securing a broadcast deal so the show will be featured on one of the cable stations, but we are not sure which one yet, even though we have heard some of the networks involved are the premiere channels.

Anyway, as the deal draws closer and as we get more info, we will surely tell you what we discover.

Stay tuned!

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