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Comedian & Actress Wanda Sykes Diagnosed With Breast Cancer!

Posted Oct 6, 2011

Some news stories get past us, and as you know some of them don’t. This one did, and we meant to report it when we heard about it, but as I stated it slipped past us.

Anyway, on October 4th, comedian and actress Wanda Sykes sent the internet into a frenzy with her announcement she made on the day time talk show the Ellen DeGeneres Show when she announced that she was diagnosed with a type of breast cancer called Ductal Carcinoma, In Situ, or DICS.

Sykes announced that the diagnosis was a “stage zero cancer.”

Since the announcement, Sykes has stated that she “doesn’t want to be the posted child for the disease”, and she would deal with her disease “one day at a time”.

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