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Chris Tucker Prepares To Launch A European Tour!

Posted Jun 10, 2012

We discovered over the weekend- and it was confirmed on Twitter- that comedian Chris Tucker is prepping to launch a European Tour this fall! According to our sources, Tucker’s Guess Who’s Back Tour will have at least 10 dates in Europe and a possibility of more depending on the response.

As you may or may not know, Tucker is currently on tour in the States and has been for a little over a year, and our sources tell us that the plans are for Tucker to continue to do these dates in preparation for filming his performance as a feature for theaters (along the same lines as what Kevin Hart did for his stand up feature Laugh At My Pain). No confirmation of that has been released from his representatives yet.

Tucker is also thinking about filming the next Friday film with Ice Cube and Mike Epps, and as of this writing no official word has been released

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