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Chris Rock's 'Top Five' Debuts Brand New Poster Inside!

Posted Nov 3, 2014

Fresh off the printing press, here’s the first poster for Chris Rock’sTop Five.”

The hilarious new comedy — which Rock plugged during his stint hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend and also in a new profile for The New Yorker — is set for release on Dec. 12. It stars Rock, who also wrote and directed the film, as Andre Allen, a famous comedian who fears his funny days are behind him. Rosario Dawson, Tracy Morgan, J.B. Smoove, Jay Pharoah, Leslie Jones, Michael Che, Anders Holm, Gabrielle Union, Romany Malco, Kevin Hart and a handful of other really famous faces all co-star.

Check out the poster, debuting exclusively here at HuffPost Entertainment, below.

top five poster

Source: Huffington Post

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