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Chris Rock Surprises At Kevin Hart Concert In Albany, NY!

Posted Mar 12, 2022

Comedian Kevin Hart is making the rounds across the country on his latest comedy tour. He performed Saturday night in Albany at the Palace Theatre. It was a sell-out crowd. But the show started with a slight problem. An announcement was made at the beginning of the show that Kevin was running late and the crowd would be entertained by a local comedian.

Turns out, that ‘local comedian’ was Chris Rock!

As it turns out, Albany may have been a type of ‘test market’ (as it often is) to gauge how the crowd would react since Chris Rock and Kevin Hart will be hitting the road together this summer for their ‘Rock Hart’ tour starting in July. The duo will be performing a limited number of shows on Long Island, New York City, and New Jersey.

One of the security requirements for Saturday’s show mandated that everyone turn in their cell phones into secure bags so no recording could take place. Now we partly know why. And unless someone was REALLY sneaky, there’s probably no photo or video from inside the Palace. Which kinda makes a moment like that even more special  – when there aren’t thousands of cell phone lights glowing.

Still, what a cool night for so many in attendance at the Palace. Nobody saw that one coming. Major props to Kevin Hart and Chris Rock for keeping it hush-hush and letting everyone in the audience get the surprise of a lifetime – and thanks for making it happen in Albany!

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