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Chris Rock Pulls Out Of Movie Deal With Apple!

Posted Nov 16, 2016

Cupertino’s slow flirtation with Hollywood nearly landed Apple an exclusive iTunes movie deal with comedian Chris Rock, according to a new report.

Apple has shown interest in producing original video content of its own. The company bought the rights to James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke TV show, and it appears Apple has some tepid interest in making the type of movies you’d find on Netflix.

After meeting with representatives for Rock, Apple eventually pulled out of the negotiations, claims The Information. The discussions for a video deal never went anywhere. Rock went on to sign a deal with Netflix worth $40 million for two stand-up specials.

A number of other video projects are currently in the works at Apple. The company is currently working on its first scripted series, called Vital Signs. The show will star Dr. Dre and be loosely based on his life. Apple is also making a reality TV show called Planet of the Apps, starring Jessica Alba, Gwenyth Paltrow and Will.i.Am.

While the Chris Rock deal didn’t pan out, Apple was successful at landing Michael Moore’s newest movie, Trumpland, as an iTunes exclusive. That deal supposedly came about because Apple started talking to Moore early in the creative process.

“Apple got the right to offer TrumpLand on iTunes earlier than other online video services, in exchange for prominently promoting it on the iTunes homepage,” reports The Information.

Securing a promotional commitment from Apple in advance is allegedly enough to get a movie financed. That may be enough to draw in some projects, but the company has yet to make anything that really rivals original content produced by Netflix, HBO or Amazon Video.

Apple media boss Eddy Cue said in a recent interview that the company is still open to creating other original programming. He insisted that Apple is not in the business of trying to create TV shows, though, and is simply looking at partnerships where it makes sense.

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