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Chris Rock And Cedric The Entertainer To Star Together In A New Feature Film!

Posted Apr 24, 2014

We just discovered the news that comedian Chris Rock, who is hard at work on one of his newest film titled Finally Famous with Kevin Hart and Gabrielle Union, is also writing and possibly directing another new film with Cedric The Entertainer!

According to our sources, Rock is hard at work with Cedric on the new film, and the film doesn’t have a title yet. We do know that Rock is supposedly one of writers, but we also hear that he’s producing the film too.

Cedric The Entertainer is currently hard at work on The Soul Man, while his newest film A Fall From Grace is prepping to be released sometime this year. His other film, A Haunted House 2 with Marlon Wayans, continues to climb the charts as it has now grossed $11 million dollars in just under a week since it’s release.

Anyway, we will find out more as this story is developing!

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