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Chris Redd Speaks Out After Attack Near Comedy Cellar

Posted Nov 7, 2022
Chris Redd at an American Museum of Natural History event on Nov. 18, 2021, in New York City.

Former “Saturday Night Live” star Chris Redd is opening up about an attack he suffered outside of a New York City comedy club late last month.

The comedian referred to the incident as a “surprise party of one fist” during an appearance on The Daily Beast’s “The Last Laugh” podcast, according to a preview of the episode posted Thursday.

Redd told host Matt Wilstein that he was on his way to perform a set at the Comedy Cellar when a man suddenly hit him in the face with what he believed to be a metal object.

“It cut my nose to the bone,” he said, adding that the amount of blood was “worrisome.”

The “SNL” alum said the attack left him with two fractures in his nose and one fracture in his cheek.

“The dude just hit me and ran off,” Redd said, adding that there was “so much blood” on his face that he couldn’t see the attacker well.

Redd’s attack was first reported by TMZ. He was among a number of “SNL” cast members who left the show ahead of its 48th season this year. His first comedy special, “Why Am I Like This?” premiered Thursday.

The comedian said in the podcast interview that he has already been working on incorporating jokes about his attack into his future work.

The full episode is set for release Tuesday.

Source: HuffPost

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