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Cedric The Entertainer Jumps In New Show As A Game Show Host!

Posted Mar 21, 2011

Another NBC press release dropped today, and of course it had all of the new shows coming since its the season. One of the highlights was that Original King Of Comedy Cedric The Entertainer is coming back to television!

We hear that Cedric is not coming back in a new sitcom, but we hear that he is about to become a host in a new game show titled It’s Worth What?! This is curious to us because it seems that Ced is about to follow Steve Harvey’s footsteps as Harvey became the new Host for Family Feud several months ago.

The show is supposed to be a cross between Pawn Stars and The Price is Right, where contestants have to guess the value of items found in attics, etc.

Ced is also gearing up for a release of his new film titled Larry Crowne with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, and he has plans to drop his Directorial debut Chicago Polanski Jones sometime later this year.

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