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Black Dynamite Launches Cartoon Series & It's NOT A Comedy!

Posted Sep 29, 2010

If you recall, several months ago when we interviewed Michael Jai White and he was discussing his film Black Dynamite, he also mentioned that the film would be made into a cartoon series.

The film Black Dynamite, at the time was a film that was a comedy with all of the blaxploitation on the infamous films from the 70’s thrown in.

Now if you fast-forward to today, there was a release today of the new Black Dynamite cartoon series that’s aimed for the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim line of programming (as you know, which is not for children), and the release states that the cartoon series is NOT a comedy. To us, that’s shocking since the brand was filmed and marketed as a comedy.

We also discovered that Carl Jones, a member of the creative team behind the popular series The Bookdocks is behind the project, and we discovered that there  is no word on when interested audiences can expect it to see it.

Word is that the New York Comic-Con in October will feature a first real look at the series.

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