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BET's New Comedy Series 'Reed Between The Lines' Set To Debut!

Posted Oct 10, 2011

As we were all waiting for, it looks like the new comedy series from Black Entertainment Television titled Reed Between The Lines is set to debut! The new series follows Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcolm-Jamal Warner in their new every day life struggles. Here is the article per EURWEB;

*Black Entertainment Network will certainly have a hit on their hands with their new scripted family sitcom, “Reed Between the Lines.”

The series follows Carla, a psychologist (played by Tracee Ellis Ross, “Girlfriends”) and Alex Reed, an English professor (played by Malcolm-Jamal Warner, “The Cosby Show) as they struggle to balance family, careers and the foibles of everyday living. And, of course, there will be fun, wit and jokes along the way.

“I hope the audience identifies with Carla,” said Ross.  “I hope I can represent working women who are faced every day with the tasks of juggling both work and family.”

“We’re excited about the series,” added Warner.  “It’s about an African American family, but we’re trying to create a universality that a diverse audience can relate to.”

Warner felt that the show is reminiscent of another television family—the Huxtables, in which he played Theo Huxtable, Cliff’s (Bill Cosby’s) son. “I hope our show has a fracture of the significance and social impact about it that the ‘Cosby’ show had,’ he said.

“It’s been a labor of love for us,” said Loretha Jones, head of programming for BET.  “We wanted to bring a modern black family show to television and they’ve brought their heart and talent to the show. We’ve already done 26 episodes of the show, which is unprecedented.”

The series follows the blended family as Carla and Alex juggle three kids (Carla has twins from a previous marriage and she and Alex have a child) as well as the antics of two zany co-workers played by Anna Maria Horsford and Melissa DeSousa.

In the first episode, Carla is treating Dominique, a female patient (played by Robin Givens) who is battling sex addiction. But Carla becomes increasingly concerned as Dominique takes more than a passing interest in Alex. Will there be drama between Carla and Dominique? Tune into “Reed Between the Lines” to find out.

Reed Between the Lines debuts Tuesday, Oct. 11 on BET at 10 p.m.

Check out the preview;

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