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BET's Gamble With The Show The Game Pays Off Huge!

Posted Mar 31, 2011

Seems like the days of wondering if the show The Game was going to make it is over, as the official numbers are in. We just discovered that Black Entertainment Television and Nielsen report that the season four finale of The Game on Tuesday night attracted 4.4 million viewers and also delivered a 3.30 coverage rating.  What does that mean? Well, the average basic cable channel averages 600,000 viewers per show!

Wasn’t it only a couple of monyhs ago when there were whispers that BET was making a mistake by bringing The Game back/ That all changed after the first episode, and now we discovered that over its fourth run, The Game reached more than 17 million viewers since the season premiere on January 11th.

It’s safe to say that we will see a fifth season on the horizon.

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