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Arsenio Hall’s L.A. Home Targeted By Burglars Twice While He Was Home

Posted Sep 21, 2022

The home of veteran comedian Arsenio Hall appears to be a hotspot for burglars who visited not once but twice while the Hollywood star was still inside. 

According to TMZ, which broke the news, the incident happened on Saturday, Sept. 17, around 11 am, when the “Coming to America” star reportedly heard noises coming from the downstairs of his Los Angeles home. Upon discovery, the 66-year-old noticed someone had broken the glass on his sliding door in an apparent attempt to get inside. It’s unclear if the entertainment legend caught a glimpse of the attempted intruder.

Even more alarming, the  Los Angeles Police Department said a similar situation occurred last month when they claimed two suspects broke a window at the back of the home and entered the “Harlem Nights” actor’s house. Like before, the star was home, but luckily the intruder fled before taking anything. Cops responded to the call on both occasions but could not apprehend those involved. 

An investigation has since been launched as detectives are examining surveillance footage from Hall’s home and the neighborhood to determine who is behind the break-ins, whether the “Martial Law” star faces any dangers, and if the two events are connected. 

The actor has not yet spoken out about the incident. However, the news appeared to upset fans on social media and only further fuel their fears of the Los Angeles area, including one Twitter user who wrote, “LA is f–king trash… F–k LA it’s not safe… If you rich.. just get a house built somewhere else.. cause LA just ain’t worth it.”

Once again, the safety of the Los Angeles area has come under fire as robberies begin to see yet another uptick. Past victims have included the likes of Terrence J, Usher, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and plenty more. 

Police have also cautioned stars not to share their location, fearing they may be targeted for their possessions. Last week, rapper PnB Rock was shot and killed during an attempted robbery at an L.A. chicken and waffles restaurant. Authorities revealed that both the “Selfish” emcee and his girlfriend shared posts of the two of them at the restaurant and may have involuntarily made him a target. 

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