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Arsenio Hall Late Night Talks Move Closer To Reality & A Possible Presentation To Be Filmed?!

Posted May 29, 2012

Last week, after Arsenio Hall won the crown on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, word started to spread about his desire to return to late night television, despite us reporting that for months. During the season, Hall even expressed to several people -on camera- his desire to return to television.

Well, it seems that our sources told us- and we told you- that its looking more and more like a reality; Hall is coming back to late night talk. The only question is where will Hall land?

Last week, after Hall won, our sources disclosed to us that he has had several conversations to possibly appear on Magic Johnson’s new network, Aspire, that should launch later this year. Our sources have continued to state that this story is true even though reports have come out stating that Hall is in the process of having conversations with CBS TV Distribution and Tribune. These conversations were happening MONTHS ago, and we reported that then. Now, our sources have finally told us today that Aspire will ONLY have a shot if the production costs can be covered as those have been the only problems that have arisen.

Honestly, we can’t see Arsenio launching a show on ANOTHER channel if Magic is launching a network in need of content. But that’s just us; What do you think?

Here is the article from Deadline;

Back in the headlines after his recent Celebrity Apprentice win, Arsenio Hall is mulling a return to the syndicated talk show circuit. I hear Hall has been in talks with CBS TV Distribution about a project that also may involve Tribune. There are no deals in place but if conversations materialize, Hall will likely film a presentation. CBS TV Distribution declined comment. Immediately following his Celebrity Apprentice victory a week ago, Hall spoke publicly of his desire to return to television in a more permanent fashion. A deal with CBS TV Distribution would mark a reunion for the company and Hall. His syndicated late-night Arsenio Hall Show, which ran from 1989 to 1994, was produced by CBS TV Distribution predecessor Paramount Domestic TV.

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