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Anthony Anderson About To Drop A New Comedy Sitcom!

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We discovered from actor Anthony Anderson at the Scream 4 press junket last week that he plans on going back to his comedy roots and jump start a comedy sitcom!

That’s right, Anderson revealed to us that he plans on producing a new comedy sitcom that he is hoping to get on a network this fall, and will highlight his comedy as he plans on starring in the new sitcom!

Anderson did not reveal to us the name of the sitcom or what it would be about but he did say we will have the details real soon!

Next up for Anderson is the new film Scream 4 which debuts nation wide April 15th.

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  1. ComedianStevieMack

    This good news, because Anthony is a friend and collegiate. We have been having a ball with the hilarious Karaoke Wednesdays on Facebook with Anthony Anderson, Royale Watkins, Capone Lee, Stevie Mack, Rodney Perry and a host of funny friends and entertainers posting their best Karaoke done in their home, office and some have even went all out and done music videos.

    Bow Legged Lou got inspired and said he will get his Karaoke posted up this Wednesday. See my Facebook page for some of the antics…HILARIOUS!

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