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Aida Rodriguez Just One Of The Comedians To Premiere Tonight On 'Last Comic Standing'!

Posted May 22, 2014

As you probably have heard, tonight NBC is bringing back Last Comic Standing after a four year hiatus, with a 9PM premiere time.

The show, looking to kick off a new season without the scrutiny it had last time was revamped to ensure a better talent pool. If you are not aware, some of the complaints from the declining ratings the last time the show aired was because of the selection process.

Before, NBC held open auditions to any comedian who was ‘a working professional’ or ‘up-and comer’ and the judges would pick from those who applied to grant them an audition for the show. Well, tonight’s new season was not produced in that manner. This new cycle the Executive Producers INVITED the comedians who they wanted to bring to the show, as they sent out  almost a thousands invites for the new season, and from those invites, 100 comedians were selected to audition for the show.

Tonight comedian Aida Rodriguez will be one of the comedians set to hit the stage. Rodriguez, also an actress (of films such as Black Woman’s Guide To Finding A Good Man and Braniacs In La La Land), will be competing with several of the men, and according to our sources is one of the women to look out for this upcoming season.

It should be worth noting that several industry insiders have told us that this season the women comedians will really compete, giving several of the men a ‘run for their money’.

We are pretty anxious to see what the new judges of Russell Peters, Keenen Ivory Wayans or Roseanne Barr have to say about that.

Last Comic Standing is set to premiere tonight on NBC at 9PM EST.


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