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ABC Passes on Untitled Kevin Hart Sitcom; May Be Picked Up By TBS!

Posted May 14, 2014

Well, everyone can’t be perfect, and for Kevin Hart, he isn’t. He’s still the HOTTEST comedy rock star on the planet, but on television, there is still a little work to do.

Case in point; Beginning with 2012′s Think Like a Man, Hart scored personal and professional “triumphs” with such efforts as his concert film Let Me Explain, the buddy comedy Ride Along, and the affecting adaptation of the ’80s romantic comedy About Last Night…

Most recently there was talk of ABC picking up a pilot based on his life, with actor Romany Malco (Of The 40 Year Old Virgin fame) stepping in for the comedian with Hart planned on making occasional appearances. Well according to, that official deal has fallen through. The network was close to ordering the series, but backed out at the last minute.

Now Hart and Hartbeat Productions are shopping the show to other outlets, with TBS currently high on the list of potential buyers. Rumors are currently circulating – via the Deadline piece – that an established ABC show, Suburgatory, will also join Cougar Town on the former Super-station, with Fox also looking to place their recently cancelled Friends with Better Lives there as well. Hart’s untitled series may also have a shot, but there’s no confirmation one way or the other. In fact, it’s safe to say that with the number of fringe options out there (online, streaming, etc.), there may be hope for his show yet, it just might not be TBS.

Of course, a little Hart can go a very long way. He’s the kind of comedian who uses a freewheeling motor-mouth approach to his humor, hitting on funny material as he occasionally fumbles through the finer points. His act, revolving almost exclusively around his problems with relationships, would make for an interesting sitcom, but it’s the rare stand-up who sees his shtick turn into something culturally significant (see: ‘Seinfeld’ vs. ‘The King of Queens,’ per se). Here’s hoping Hart finds a home for his efforts. He’s on a roll right now. Something like this can easily sidetrack his proposed path to superstardom.

Written By Bill Gridon

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