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A New Update On The Richard Pryor Biopic Pic!

Posted Jan 9, 2012

According to our sources, the new Richard Pryor biopic film that is set to be directed by Bill Condon and supposedly is set to star actor and comedian Marlon Wayans (who is still attached) is temporarily put on hiatus because of funding for the film.

Our sources have confirmed that the film was set to start production this January but has now been moved to a production date of April, with the primary cast still not set in stone yet.

If you recall, Mike Epps was first set to star in the film, then Eddie Murphy, then when a new production team came on board Marlon Wayans was selected. As of this writing, we still hear that Adam Sandler and his production company is still set to produce this film, but it looks like the financing that was supposed to come from the studio is not yet available. We will see.

More details to follow soon!

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