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DL Hughley Disappears From New York Radio Station Kiss-FM!

Posted Aug 13, 2010

Word has leaked to us this morning that comedian and actor DL Hughley did the same thing that Sheryl Underwood did a couple of weeks ago; it looks like he jumped ship from his job as a morning show jock on KISS-FM.

There have been several reports stating that like Underwood, Hughley was not particularly happy with the deal that was going on with the station, but unlike Underwood the payments that were NOT being made to him as they should have been in a timely manner and he became a disgruntled employee. As stated, this is what we are hearing, but we can’t confirm that.

We are not sure what’s going on, but here’s what we do know- when Monday morning rolled around of this past week in New Yor, the Morning Show jock was not there.

There have also been some claims made to us that Hughley jumped back into acting because Hughley nabbed a role in the upcoming Hawaii Five-O film, and we hear that there have been discussions about a couple of other projects that have been completely hush-hush.

So far, as of this writing, there have been no clarifications on this matter, but we are researching the story and will get back to you as the story develops.

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