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Will Mike Epps Land An Oscar For His Role In Sparkle?

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Is there a new trend going on in Hollywood where Hollywood producers are starting to cast notable comedians in dark roles hoping for an Oscar nomination? To be honest, we think that’s where things are going.

Lets go back several years ago when Dreamgirls hit the screen with Eddie Murphy as James “Thunder” Early, a version of James Brown  for the big screen. The role of Early had us all look at Murphy differently because he ABSOLUTELY nailed that part and was eventually nominated for an Academy Award. (Many feel he should have won the Oscar too!)

Next, you had The Queen of Comedy Mo’Nique in the Lee Daniels film Precious, a role that had her cast as the Mother of the titled character, and in a light that no one ever who have expected her to be seen in; very abusive and downright mean. Oh yeah, did we mention she won an Oscar for her role?

Now we have comedian Mike Epps in the new film Sparkle (which is also a remake of the original 1970’s film) cast as a very dark and abusive Satin Struthers, a character who many will remember as a very dark villain in the original film. Now after seeing this film, we can say that Epps shows his range as a complete actor, and like Murphy and Mo’Nique before him, he will get the Academy’s attention. Be prepared to see Epps in a role that will NOT make you like him, but you WILL respect him as a a comedian and now as an actor.

Sparkle hits the theaters August 17th nationwide.

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