What's The Update With The New 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV Series?

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Eddie MurphyIt was widely reported over two weeks ago that the brand new Beverly Hills Cop TV series that was set to star Brandon T Jackson and guest star Eddie Murphy was not picked up by CBS. As shocking as that was at the time, no one could say for certain the reasoning behind CBS passing on the show.

The facts at the time were this; the show tested positively in front of several test audiences. As a matter of fact, it was one of the best tested shows the network had this new season. In those same reports, the screening for the test audience also revealed that both Jackson and Murphy tested well and stated the audience loved the writing (which was written by Shawn Ryan of The Shield fame).

So, what’s the latest news? Well, according to our sources Sony (one of the production companies behind the project) is currently shopping the show and we hear that FOX and TNT are extremely interested in picking up the show. We also hear that there may be one other network involved but they are looking into the cost of the show. It seems that producing the show maybe a little bit expensive.

All we can say is news needs to drop on this soon because it seems that the fall seasons are being locked up by all of the networks.

Stay tuned as this story is developing!

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