WATCH: ‘Black Monday’: First-Look For Showtime’s Wall Street Comedy Starring Don Cheadle And Regina Hall

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It’s been more than 30 years since that day when international money markets were pierced in the heart by downward-pointing arrows and the Dow Jones average suffered its worst-ever single-day drop. Maybe now it’s OK to laugh it. That’s what Showtime is hoping for with its new comedy starring Don Cheadle, Andrews Rannells and Regina Hall. Watch the first-look teaser above.


Written by creators David Caspe and Jordan Cahan and originally titled Ball StreetBlack Monday takes us back to October 19, 1987. No one ever really knew who caused it — until now. The series shows how a group of outsiders took on the Street’s blueblood, old-boys club and ended up crashing the world’s largest financial system, along with a few other things.

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