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*UPDATE*DL Hughley Leaves New York Radio!

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As we reported several days ago, we stated that we heard that comedian and actor DL Hughley was leaving New York radio, and word is that the feelings were pretty mutual on the terms of them parting ways.

At the beginning of the week of August 9th, many New Yorkers woke up to tune in to DL Hughley and his morning team and to their surprise he wasn’t on the air- and neither was his Morning Show team. This led to much speculation that something had happened behind the scenes.

A week later, after reports were leaked to us that Emmis Communications and the D.L. Hughley were trying to repair the break up, we now hear that they are both parting ways due to reasons beyond the control of either party.

“Despite our best intentions, belief in their talent and even close friendships that have developed within our building…outside factors beyond our control have necessitated that we conclude the D.L. Hughley Morning Show on KISS FM,” said SVP, Market Manager, Alex Cameron released to us.

“Mornings will remain local on KISS FM with some familiar voices and a heavy dose of the music we’re known for…stay tuned!” said 98.7 KISS FM Program Director, Jill Strada.

It seems that this story may have some more legs as we hear that DL Hughley may explore other radio opportunities as long as it has him close to his family back in Los Angeles.

More on this as this develops.

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  1. Anna Marie Coleman

    I loved the DL HUGHLEY show. I looked forward to listening to it daily. Whatever the issues are between the D L Hughley and the radio station, they need to fix it and bring HIM BACK WITH HIS TEAM. This is ridiculous. Guess I will only listen to KISS 105.9 in the morning with Starr and Manson, maybe!

  2. Tony Cartet

    Really no DL Hughley in Detroit Wow 😡

  3. john Smith

    What’s up with that station,they did that to tom joyner to before he retired and then brought him back,DL Hughley in Detroit, was what a lot of us wanted to hear,what was it because he wasn’t far right ,or was it his political left views,one thing for sure he did Not like Trump.

  4. Charlene Tutt

    I don’t know what’s up with KISS FM. Every time a good show is on, they cancel them. First it was Tom Joyner, then Rush Parr, then Ricky Smiley and now DL Hughley. They don’t seem to understand that the local radio personalities aren’t cutting it. I’m going back to Sirius XM.

  5. Makane Forch

    I really loved the D L Hughley Radio Show. He shared lots of interesting information and brought much needed diversity to the show.

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