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The New Richard Pryor Unreleased Documentary Reveals Family Drama!

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Richard-Pryor-001It seems like the Richard Pryor family drama between his late wife and his children is about to finally spill into the public.

If you are not familiar, Jennifer Lee Pryor, (the late wife of Pryor who famously married him twice) who is also the sole heir to the Pryor Estate was in a constant legal battle with Pryor’s children. Most of the details of the legal  drama that started when Pryor was still alive was never revealed to the public. Many knew of the legal problems, but no one knew what the issues were about.

That’s all about to change.

According to a press release that is being created this week, a statement will be presented about the legal problems between the family and most importantly about another new documentary that was in pre-production when Pryor was still alive.  This new film which was originally shut down by Jennifer Lee Pryor AFTER she had initially agreed to the making of the film is supposedly going to include Pryor’s children and his closest friends, all of whom were  mysteriously absent from the current Showtime film, Richard Pryor: Omit The Logic.

After we were sent the below clip from the new documentary we have an idea of what is going to be included in the new documentary, but its a clip you have to see for yourself. The film, made by Maija Digiorgio, also includes interviews with  George Carlin, Whoopi Goldberg, Chevy Chase, Jerry Stiller, Christopher Titus, and many more including the last known interview of Richard Pryor’s life.

Check out the clip below:

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  1. Aaron Cooper

    You can’t just end the trailer right there. That’s not a tease. You gotta give some kind of tidbit to suck me in. THAT…that did not suck me in. Give me one bit of info and I’ll crave more…

  2. Danny Gibson

    Jennifer, if it comes out that you physically & verbally abused Richard at any time during his final years I think you may well have to consider leaving the United States, for good! Putting aside his idol status, a frail man in the deepest grip of MS needs a loyal, loving companion to care for him. Abusing a man who’s literally wasting away [if you did] will bring down on you a whole lot of hate from many people. Now bring Richard’s idol status into this – the fact that he remains loved, admired, respected around the globe – and you will need a bed on the planet Mars to sleep in every night, because sleeping in yours just wont be safe, not for you, anyway!

    I hope for your sake that you referring to Richard’s son as a “stupid dumb fuck” and boasting about evicting him from a house is as bad as the full film gets!

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