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Steve Harvey's Ex Wife Preps Radio Tell-All With Tom Joyner!

Comedy News

According to our friends over at, we just heard that Steve Harvey is about to get a bigger headache on Monday morning as we hear his ex-wife Mary just booked an appearance on The Tom Joyner Morning Show!

According to OUR sources, you can expect them to ask Mary about all of the dirt that she has been spreading and more about Steve’s supposed infidelity and more!

We will see what Monday brings, huh?

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    This has to end. What’s that all about. Going against Steve hurting her own son.. The woman is heartless and vindictive. I love Steve Harvey, and think he’s doing just great for his wife and family. Steve, hold your head up! THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

  2. Alfred Woodley

    Ladies and gentlemen let us take into consideration that your ex (Male or female) is angry, scorned and jilted and decides out of the craziness or lack of proper oxygen to the brain to be vindictive and lash out to bash you. Would this be something you’d want?

    Dear Mrs Ex Harvey Wife Go away!!! You are not setting any examples to your kids neither do we (Citizens with our own lives) Give a damn,

    Now Interrupt yourself with a smack to the face and realize you’re making yourself look bad

      • Al

        Colored girl you said “Alfred Woodley …YOU need to read before you comment you’ve got it twisted Mary was minding her business blah blah blah.
        In the name of Peace, in the name of moving on in one’s life this is what I believe she should do and that’s what I was saying in essence however you seem to have it twisted by stating that I need to read when in fact you need to read. If you read my writing without taking sides or being so anti Steve Harvey and so Pro Mary you probably would have had a better understanding of the words I used. If nothing else you’ve shown us all you’re DRAMA!!

  3. Darryl Littleton

    The name ‘Mary Harvey’will go down in the language like “Lorena Bobbitt”. When it’s said you’ll know what the reference means. “Better leave your woman right or she’ll pull a Mary Harvey on you.”

    • Bette Jean

      Good One!

  4. priscilla

    I think the x wife has a valid reason for being angry and i believe she hurting. he offered her love life childrens money and then to just take it away i know that hurts and how can a person write about love life marriage relationships when he walked out on all that he had for another i be ashamed of me. did he apollized to his x”s is he keeping his son from his mother where his respect to her it was handle wrong i bet

  5. 4reel

    First of all Steve has been up front about his infidelity. A brotha can’t be redeemed??? Funny how the most judgmental people are non christians.

    Alfred is right, she is making herself look bad, like an angry black woman scorned who wants her 15 minutes of Fame to blast Steve Harvey. She needs to keep it movin and get a life. Think about it, why is she bitchin now? Steve has new gig, successful book etc. She’s trying to shoot him down cause he’s moved on.

  6. Southern Girl

    4reel are you serious? Why is it when a female feels they have been wronged speaks up and is identified as “Bitchin”. Just sit back relax and let do process of the law make its discussion. I cannot nor anyone say how you would react if the person you married cheated on you and than married that person. If that is the case Steve was married and Marjorie know this, than I don’t blame Mary at all.

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