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Steve Harvey's EX Is At It Again As She Breaks Gag Order From Court!

Comedy News

We have to say that we are completely surprised by this story because we thought that it was coming to an end, but apparently not.

It seems that Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary Harvey spoke to a radio station in Washington, DC, Magic 102.3 as she tried to clear her name- and continue to smear Steve’s- about allegations of non payment after their divorce.

The funny thing is Mary was ordered by the court not to say ANYTHING but yet Mary still found her way on a radio station to discuss her recent youtube videos, bashing Steve and a continued attempt to smear his name.

In case you haven’t seen any of her videos they were all made stating that Harvey hasn’t paid anything to her since the divorce, including child support, even though court documents recently released state clearly that that was false.

Anyway, click on this link and read the story and listen to the interview from Magic 102.3;

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  1. GodsChild

    Bottom line, there are NO innocent parties here. Tit for Tat doesn’t change the fact that Steve is suing his Ex wife and that’s how all this started coming out. I also know that the focus keeps getting further away from whats important, and that is that Steve DID commit adultery, with possible more the one woman while married to Mary. Are we trying to say that’s fine? So with no apology to infidelity, it does seem very strange that he would be the so called Relationship Guru. NOt being able to see your own child, unless she’s abusive to her son in any way, how did that become ok too? I know you all love Steve because he’s one of your comedians, but right it right and wrong is still wrong.

    • 4reaal

      Steve admitted to his adulterous affairs which is why there is no need to focus on it any more. You being “godschild” should know that God said “when you CONFESS your sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins”(1 John 1:9)
      But then again I don’t know what God you serve.

      • wealthylady

        So that makes it ok?

  2. GodsChild

    4real… there is only ONE God, and yes I am His. Forgiveness is for anyone that wants it. I have no hatred for Steve or Mary. But we need to be honest with what is really gong on. Until you deal with the truth about a situation it doesn’t get better it gets worse. If Steve admitted to his affairS and apologized then good for him. I noticed you have no comment on anything else. That WAS the focus of what Mary was saying along with the other concerns and now everyone wants to talk about other things as if that was not her main issue or it didn’t take place. This all came out again because he (Steve) decided to sue his wife because he thinks she’s the reason Oprah didn’t want him on her network. Oprah has a mind of her own and is very capable of making her own decisions. Steve has been blessed to move on, remarry along with God’s blessing him with so many wonderful career opportunities that he never had before. I enjoy him on the radio, and on Family Feud, etc. I’m thinking being grateful for that should be the focus and not trying to blame his wife for something she has no control over. Wealthylady, it so doesn’t make adultery ok. It’s such a violation of trust, commitment and love, to the whole family, and also puts the spouse in physical danger. And now you want to sue her??? I just don’t get it because I’m sure Steve is God’s Child too.

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