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‘SNL’s Pete Davidson Visits ‘Weekend Update’ Healthy & Ready To Rise

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Less than a week after Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson took to Instagram to reassure family, friends and fans that he’s winning his longtime struggle with drugs, the comic dropped by SNL‘s Weekend Update desk to reiterate the case in decidedly more, well, stand-up terms.

“I wake up with boners again!” a happy, healthy-looking Davidson told the Update audience.

Gone was the gaunt, sometimes sunken appearance that had worried his supporters. In an editorial ostensibly rating Donald Trump surrogates like Sean Hannity, Steven Miller and Paul Ryan, Davidson pivoted to what seemed really on his mind. Noting that Republicans have been demanding health care reforms from Paul Ryan but now that he has, they don’t like it, Davidson said he can relate to.

“For years people have been asking me to quit drugs and get sober,” he said, “and now that I have, everyone thinks I’m unfunny and boring. But hey, at least I have dreams now and started waking up with boners.” He repeated that last boast at the end of the segment, with a smile and a double-handed wave.

Davidson had long spoken about his marijuana use to calm the stomach upsets of his Crohn’s disease. But in his Instagram message last Monday, he wrote that he is “happy and sober” for the first time in 8 years. Here’s the message in full. And congrats from Deadline, Pete.

If Davidson stole last night’s Update, castmates Alex Moffat and Kate McKinnon more than held their own in a terrific bit as, respectively, Senator Al Franken and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. McKinnon’s impish, weaselly Sessions has been on SNL before, but Moffat’s dead-on Franken was a welcome addition to the show’s political doppelgängers. With his owlish spectacles, pushed-back wavy hair and Franken’s familiar half-smirk, half-frown, Moffat nailed that wry drone of a voice familiar to viewers since the now-senator, once-SNL cast member declared the 1980s “The Al Franken Decade.”

Take a look and judge for yourself:

Source: Deadline

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