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Shaquille O'Neal Creating Twitter Frenzy With New Comedy Contest!

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by Elizabeth Cohen on Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 11:42PM

Twitter has been jam-packed with Shaquille O’Neal trend topics for the past few days, so much so that  Shaq may cause the dreaded fail whale symbol due to the amount of news he is generating.

On Wednesday it was all about Oreo Double Stuff Racing League and Shaq’s surprise Oreo cookie lick-off competition at the Prudential Center in Boston. On Thursday, comedian Kevin Hart announced he was giving away five sets of free tickets to Shaq’s All Star Weekend if his followers put #ShaqAllStarWeekend tag at the end of their tweets.

The contest became so popular, that the #ShaqAllStarWeekend tag has remained one of the top trends on Twitter throughout the day, and it began taking over the sponsored trends on the website. Shaq even re-tweeted the tag, clearly thrilled with his Twitter popularity.

The event will take place during the NBA’s All-Star weekend in Los Angeles. Hart’s Twitter followers won tickets to his “Laugh at My Pain” tour dates on Friday, Feb. 18, and Saturday, Feb 19th.

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  1. missy carruthers wilson

    A cookie lick off? lol Sounds naughty, people. Sounds like it was naughtier than basketball ex-wives the night after divorce court…

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