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Remembering Comedian Robin Harris On The Anniversary Of His Death!

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Today is the 22nd anniversary of the death of comedian Robin Harris, who, at the time of his passing was about to become a comic giant in Hollywood. Harris passed away in the early hours in his sleep as he died of a heart attack in Chicago in a hotel room after performing for a sold out crowd at the Regal Theater.

At the time of his passing, it was known that Harris’ star was about to become very bright as he had many deals in place, including becoming the new host of the new Russell Simmons Presents Def Comedy Jam; a job that eventually went to the very young Martin Lawrence instead.

Harris had many accomplishments under his belt, besides House Party. There were several other films he starred in which were Bebe’s Kids, Do The Right Thing, and I’m Gonna Get You Sucka while he also had several other deals in place for more films including House Party 2 which was about to begin filming at the time of his passing.

At the time of Harris’ death, his wife was pregnant with their son, Robin Harris, Jr.

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  1. lakedia

    One of the funniest men ever!….he is definitely a comic giant! He is and always will be missed

  2. Lonnie

    Loved him!! Reminds me of Bernie Mac!

  3. jackson

    skateboardkidivy has love for him..

  4. Pasha

    Man I miss him. He had so much talent

  5. domica

    So so sad that he never got the chance to see his son born his wife was pregnant when he died. Im glad he has a son to carry his name

  6. Stuart Rankin

    Very funny man. Full of energy and totally engaging. His voice is missed.

  7. too too

    Robin Harris was a joy to see he made you laugh so hard you could not breathe. When Micheal Williams opened the Comedy Act theater in West L A. it i was the place to be we had good times there. You are souly missed Robin . Test tube Baby lol !

  8. terry

    I wishhe had a chance to shine, he was very funny! R.I.P. you are extremely missed.

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