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Michael Colyar Moves Forward With New TV Pilots And A New Fundraising Project!

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According to our sources, we hear that comedian and former host Michael Colyar has just wrapped filming several pilots for television; which networks are still unknown at this time. We hear that the first pilot is a reality show about Colyar’s life in comedy and is titled Michael Loves Bar-B-Q.

The second show was recently filmed in Chicago and was directed by famed Director Bill Duke and also starred Marla Gibbs, Reginald Ballard (from Martin Lawrence’s show Martin as ‘Bruh-man’), Rolonda Watts and Richard Gant called titled Blexicans. Although  the show focuses on a Mexican-American family and an African American family, The Blexicans could easily be a series about a Puerto Rican, Dominican, Salvadorian, Colombian family and their dealings with African Americans. The Blexicans will make you laugh while reinforcing that our differences aren’t as vast as they might seem. The series also will help you see that when difficulties arise, family is the most important element of our lives.

Anyway, Colyar’s new Bounce Special is available on Itunes, Amazon and Amoeba records, while his new animated film short is his pride and joy; it focuses on his efforts to turn around the Black on Black violence in Chicago. It also has new music by Twista, GLC, Da Brat, Brandy, Dave Hollister, Chubb Rock and Solo Redline who all donated time and effort in the new project. All funds raised will be used to create music programs in Chicago for inner city kids to get them off the streets. We even hear that as of this week Russell Simmons came on as a partner in the project.

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