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Michael Colyar Drops 1st Comedy CD After 24 Years In Comedy!

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We just heard that comedian and former BET Host Michael Colyar is about to drop his first comedy CD after 24 years in the game. All we want to know is what took him so long? Anyway, it’s titled Michael Colyar’s Greatest Hits AND The Great Unknowns.
According to Colyar, the comedy is along the lines of Redd Foxx style, with no routines, just jokes and after every seven or so jokes he will introduce and play a hot unknown musical act in the hopes that people will hear them on his new CD.
Colyar also states that every six months or so he will do another one with new artist and create a new way to get musical artist exposure while playing to his comedy.
Colyar also drops his first rap song ever titled Who’s the King?, as he proclaims it as giving props to the comedians that built this platform that comics are standing on today as comedic artist.  He continues to state that it was not designed to diss anybody, just to give props to some great artists that paved the way for him.
Also Colyar  just landed the biggest role of his career so far, co- starring in a new national play titled Marriage Material which will run from October to next May.

For more details of the play and Colyar’s other projects visit this site!

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  1. Amilee smith

    Hi micheal colyar i luv ya u r the best i cant wait 2 see yo new play n hear yo new comedy cd i also cant wait 2 hear yo rap song whos the king ? Could u please send me a pic of your self signed email me 4 my address at thank you

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