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Life After Def (Def Comedy Jam) New Episode- Flex Alexander!

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Flex AlexanderWhat was urban comedy like before HBO premiered Russell Simmon’s Def Comedy Jam? If you were a comedy lover at that time then you already know; Hollywood only gave us one comedian at a time to love.

Anyway, at that time Eddie Murphy was hot and another young comedian by the name of Chris Rock was up and coming as he had just starred in Beverly Hill Cop 2 with Murphy and easily looking like the heir to the throne.

So again, what was urban comedy like before HBO premiered Russell Simmon’s Def Comedy Jam? Well, we wanted to know the answer to this question too so we asked.

The answer was our brand new web series titled Life After Def, a web series which chronicles the lives of comedians who eventually performed on Def Comedy Jam. If you were a comedian at that time trying to break into the Hollywood comedy scene and got a chance to perform on the show, your life changed; some for the better and some for the worse.

In this new series, we spoke to many comedians who mentioned what it was like as they gave us their opinion on their lives after Def Comedy Jam, with the new series titled Life After Def.

In this new episode we spoke with actor and then comedian Flex Alexander. This young new talent in Hollywood was trying to break into a show (or a film), and he eventually did with his own show on the  UPN Network. The show was titled One On One and it lasted several years. He eventually starred in Homeboys From Outer Space, The Uptown Comedy Club, Girlfriends and more.

Flex really started out as a dancer, if you really want to go back to the beginning…

So, we asked what was the series like for him and what were the benefits? How was his career before his performance and after? How is life now?

Alexander answers all of the questions in the interview below:

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